About Us

Our church is community focussed, welcoming of all and in the Anglican tradition.

Dorrigo’s population of 1,170 means that most people know most other people. There is a powerful and supportive community spirit in the town and the Anglican Church embraces this philosophy based on eye witness accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

We are not a holy huddle! We work closely with all other churches in the town, share in many combined activities with their members and regularly host combined church functions.

Our members are deeply involved in the wider community, both as Anglicans and as private citizens.

For example: a small group of our parishioners provide more than 2,000 breakfasts each year for Dorrigo Primary School students, many of whom travel long distances to attend classes.

We believe every effort should be made to welcome children and make them feel at home in the parish and, especially, in our services... just as Jesus did.

We are aware that many of our people are mature aged, some times frail and too often live alone.

Part of our community outreach is a support group for senior singles. Every Friday at 10 am they meet at A Touch of Country, a local restaurant. There are no rules or hierarchy; just a welcome, warmth, food, friendship and support. It’s become quite popular.

We’re into mission in a fairly big way for a small church. Every month we feature a different mission; promoting what they do and raising money to support them. That’s 12 different missions each year.