Misty Day


Dorrigo was settled in the 1890’s and Church of England (Anglican) services, and those of other denominations, were held in private homes until 1908.

The first Anglican Church on the plateau, St Stephen the Martyr, Dorrigo, was consecrated on September 8, 1909. During the century that followed the parish replaced the original church, built two rectories, a hall and played a major role in the construction and maintenance of a Union Church (Methodist, Presbyterian and Anglican) at Deervale.

The existing church, dedicated as a War Memorial was consecrated in 1970 and the present rectory in 1976. Our oldest building, the GFS Hall, a centre for social events in the town, for more than 70 years, was opened in 1939.

In a little more than a century there have been 32 rectors and locum tenens. The parish has always been outward looking and has connected strongly with the wider community, people on the Plateau and the Diocese of Grafton.

A full history of the parish is contained in a recent publication: St Stephen’s Anglican Church, The Dorrigo: a Century of Stories and Documented History, 1908-2008. Copies are available at the Don Dorrigo and Guy Fawkes Historical Museum or from our Parish office.