Congratulations Captain Catherine!

Well done, Catherine Burley!! Elected captain of Dorrigo High School for 2015.

She maintains a family tradition -- older brother, Garth,  was school captain two years ago.

Catherine has been a committed and active member of St Stephen's since... well.. since she was born, really.

She has been a youth leader, Ichthus leader, reader, muso, server, involved in most other activities and carries the affection and respect of all members of the parish.

Outside the parish she has been Dux of Dorrigo Primany School, accomplished athlete and involved in just about everything going in the school and the community.

Mum and Dad - Robin and Wayne - have nurtured and encouraged Catherine in a myriad of ways.

Rev Mike and all members of the parish warmly acknowledge Catherine's achievments and her contribution to our parish and the broader mission  of the Christian church.