Wayne Burley to Officially Open Dorrigo Show, 2015

              Parishioner, Wayne Burley, has been honoured with an invitation to officially open the 2015 Dorrigo Show.

                    Wayne is a dairy farmer sharing four generations of experience as a breeder and exhibitor and is part of a local family which has exhibited Jersey cattle at the show for more than seven decades.

He has also spent much of his adult life as  a volunteer official at the show, especially in the dairy ring.

His stud cows and heifers have won consistently over many years.

The Burley family has had a long and strong connection with Dorrigo Show. As exhibitors of Jersey cattle, four generations have spanned 70 consecutive years under the prefixes” Moonpah” and Braelyn”.

In 1945, Gus Burley first showed at Dorrigo Show under the stud name “Moonpah”. He was passionate about his jerseys, and enjoyed the fun and excitement of exhibiting his cattle. In that era, competition was extremely strong,sometimes 100-120 head on display. His first stud bull was a Victorian bred bull, and he arrived by rail at Megan railway station.

In the 1950’s Gus’ son Norman commenced showing jerseys under the prefix “Braelyn”. Norm also enjoyed showing, and was always on the lookout for good jerseys to commencenew cow families.

The Dorrigo Show became the special day of the year to look forward to and from one year to the next, show teams were planned. It was all part of the buzz, as winning major awards at Dorrigo Show was indeed a huge honour, especially in view of the strong competition.

In 1967, due to ill health, Gus dispersed his stud herd, but the stud name”Moonpah” was passed to his 14 year old grandson Wayne,( Norm’s eldest son), who like the generations of Burleys before him was enthusiastic and keen about jerseys and proud to continue to prepare and exhibit at the Dorrigo Show.

Wayne and Norm continued to show teams together for the next 20 or so years. The process of passing on the stud name continued, when Norm passed away in 2008. Garth and Catherine (Wayne’s children) are now at the helm of Norm’s stud “ Braelyn”, and so the Braelyn/Moonpah flags continue to fly at the Dorrigo Show.

During this 70 year period there have obviously been some mighty changes from the days of hand milking, hand clipping etc. show preparation has always been big on labour input and that continues until today.

Numbers of cattle competing at the Dorrigo Show have declined over the years, however the Burley show teams have usually been 14/15 plus for many years.

Beyond exhibiting, the 3 generations of Gus, Norm and Wayne have had long periods on the Dorrigo Show Committee, with the overall interest of the show at heart, and Wayne has been a member of the Dorrigo Showground Trust for the past 6 years and continues with a special interest in that area.