Boys' Snooker Night Deemed a GREAT Success

Rev Mike's Night out with the Boys drew a good cross section of local men and produced one or two eye openers.

 The Pool Night was part of our Parish's Community Outreach -- social nights for men, women and children.

The Pool Night included Parish "regulars" and a few from other churches or beyond Parish boundaries.

Winner of the Round Robin Tournament was Bruce Mackie whose obvious skill with the queue, spider and half butt hinted (slightly) of a misspent youth (decades past!).

The eye opener of the night was the Rector Himself who surprised everyone with his ability to sink shots from all parts of the table.

A sober-faced Rev. Mike assured us all this ability had been acquired ONLY after he had become a Christian and spent many nights ministering in youth clubs.

It was acknowledged that for all lads growing up in the North of England time spent over the table was an accepted rite of passage.

Humour aside it was a fine night of relaxation, food and fun and we look forward to the next Night Out With the Boys.

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