Dorrigo clergy are inviting people to participate in a two day intensive training program called the Watchmen School of Intercession.

They are hoping to attract at least 30 people.

The intensive is expected to be held over a Friday night and Saturday.

The Australian Prayer Network has established a Watchmen School of Intercession for the purpose of training up Christians in how to pray for our Nation and the Nations of the world as well as for the Church in Australia and beyond.

 The School begins with a Foundational Course spread over 6 sessions which can be held as a 2 day intensive or one session a week over a 6 week period. This course is suitable for both experienced prayers and/or those wanting to simply know more about the discipline of prayer and how it relates beyond our personal relationship with God, as a tool that God uses to change the world around us.


The topics of the Foundational Course are:


Session 1         -           How prayer works

Session 2         -           Intercession – a lifestyle that changes your world

Session 3         -           Understanding the spiritual DNA of your community

Session 4         -           Spiritual Authority the key to spiritual breakthrough

Session 5         -           Principals of small group leadership and participation

Session 6         -           How to hear God’s voice and a practical prayer experience


The course is being made available to Churches, other Christian ministries and established prayer groups/networks across Australia. There is no cost for the Course although we ask that a free will offering towards the ministry of the Australian Prayer Network be allowed to be taken at each School held.

 After completion of the Foundational Course participants, should they so choose, will be able to undertake further Intermediate and Advanced courses which will be offered over the following two years.

Each of those courses will also be of 6 to 8 session’s duration. Whereas the Foundational Courses will be held locally, the Intermediate and Advanced courses will be centralised to State and National level to enable participants to learn with other praying people from across their State and the nation as a whole.

For further information: contact your local Dorrigo Church.