News from the Mitchells

Happy New Year to  all of our friends at St Stephen's. We really are settling in well and enjoying our new house and community.

We are settling in quite well at St John's Robertson. We are doing good things there - January is study month and instead of formal services, we break into groups to read and discuss sections of Scripture - from Genesis 25 to 50.

Then discuss our findings ( looking at the characters God used for his purposes). Then the sermon comes from this particular section.

By the end of January, when all normal events begin again, we should have some definite opinions on how God can use us despite our weaknesses. 

We do miss the familiarity of our Dorrigo church and friends.

There are so many things we remember, that you do so well, and as happy as we are, we wanted you to know that, we miss you!

Take care,

love Valerie and Philip