The New Year: Bring It On!

Life is returning to normal. The kids are in school, holidays are over and the Roster of Life has resumed.

Let’s make 2013 are great year for our parish, the community and, especially, our Walk with the Lord.

How appropriate it is that our reading today focuses on living out Christian Love; on being aware of the giving and sacrificial nature of such love.

Three of our emphases this year will be young people and children, outreach and worship.

Already, numbers for our Youth Group and KidsPlus appear to be up significantly  and a few of us are hoping to reach a combined enrolment of 40... or more.

So, we are  reaching out  for kids aged:

*  eight to 13 (KidsPlus, Wednesdays, 3.30—5.00, starts Feb. 13.)

* 13—18+, Youth Group, monthly, Sundays 5.00 — 7.00 (with plans to expand)

We are continuing our various outreach activities and this year focussing on drawing people back to worship or, into worship, here at St Stephens.

Do you know someone who might find a home here at St Stephens?

Invite them along.  Bring them along. If all else fails ask someone else to do the inviting!

We fail as a church if we minister only to ourselves as an insular club.

We will be involving more people in leadership roles in worship during 2013:
In music, intercession, reading and serving.

Do you want to be involved?  All you have to do is make known what you wish to do.

Remember: Lent starts Feb. 13 with the Ash Wednesday Service  at 8.30 a.m.

The Lenten Study Group begins at 9.15 a.m. on  Ash Wednesday and  Studies are available at the Church,  now.

And, don't forget: the Parish Annual Meeting will be held on the last Sunday of February

It's vital that all available parishioners should attend and that each of us seriously considers accepting a role of leadership  this year.

Let us make 2013 a year of positive action: of living out Jesus’ teaching of love, especially as summarised  in  today’s  Epistle, of 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 and of being prayerfully supportive of all Christian activities in our area, our community, schools and the people who live here.