The Yolk was Definitely on Them!

What has 22 legs, screams a lot and smells like an uncooked omelette?

Answer? Dorrigo Anglican Youth Group.

Why? Yesterday’s two hour group began with a game of volleyball... using fresh eggs instead of a ball.

Imagine the results. Care and tenderness to begin with, then some risk taking and, finally, SPLAT!

Twenty minutes later all the eggs were gone and most of the kids were fully anointed, including leader, Lucy Sawtell!

The rest of the evening included the most popular Christian song (via u-tube), a detailed walk through the Crucifixion Story, an excellent lasagne and green salad (thank you Mandy Hansen) and the inevitable closing game involving lots of chocolate.

Youth group is open to any one aged 13 to 17.

Come on down!!