Our Parish Hall Now Looks SO Good!

"We're on the back nine holes," according to a small group of committed workers restoring the exterior of St Stephen's Church Hall.

Scraping, plugging, washing and painting have kept them hard at it for the last month, which included a week of the coldest weather for a year.

Led by Warden Ken Hartley and community volunteers, Wayne Taylor and Lynn Burke the huge repair job grew out of painting (inside and out)  the Parish's new kitchen.

The team, assisted by various parish members, decided it was all or nothing and so the hall has gently changed from cream to green.

And it looks beaut!

Nearly three quarters of the exterior painting is completed with the remaining wall, the most difficult, to be finished soon.

Small areas of the hall will be completed later after timber repairs have been undertaken.

The result? A spanking new look for our hall and the comfort of knowing that it won't have to be done for another ??? years!

When you see the boys, give them a BIG pat on the back. They certainly deserve it.


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