The Vicar's Voice - A Message from Rev. Mike

Today marks the third and final Sermon in a series of three sermons that I have preached recently on The Deity of Jesus Christ. We recognise that not only is Jesus fully human but he is also fully Divine. Jesus Christ is God Almighty! This is, I believe, one of the most important and foundational doctrines of Christianity and goes to the heart of our faith.

I was 21 years old when in 1992; I attended the “Love Europe” Congress in Nurnberg Germany, before embarking on short term missionary service in the Eastern European Country of Romania with an organisation called Operation Mobilisation or OM for short!

It was here, as we prepared for our mission, that I first heard this challenging and inspiring teaching on The Deity of Jesus Christ. It is something that I have never forgotten.

For it is only as we come to a real understanding of Who Jesusis, that we will see that he has absolute right to Lordship over our lives (Matt 28 v 18) that he is indeed the only way of salvation for the whole world (John 14 v 6) and that he is worthy of our costly and sacrificial worship. (John 12 v 1-5).

We are also at the end of the tax year and half way through 2014 so there is also today a “gentle challenge” about our giving, which of course, is part of our worship.

May we come to worship The Jesus who is God and be transformed by being in his presence this morning