Values and Visions

It seems a long time ago since I challenged everyone at the AGM back in February to consider three Questions:-

  • How can we reach out and engage with the local community?
  • How can we kindle our love for God and neighbour?
  • How we grow both spiritually and numerically?

 The Church Council looked at and considered your collated responses to these questions.

Since then we have been busy working on a series of exercises aimed at helping to clarify our vision and our priorities for mission and ministry over the next few years.

We have undertaken a SWOT analysis (STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS) and have recently started to think about our IDENTITY as a church (Who are we?) our Values (What is important to us?) and finally a statement or sentence that encapsulates Our Vision.

We have used some material from Church growth conferences and new incumbent’s courses that I attended back in the UK.

We have thought about Vision as “a picture of the future that produces passion”. The ability to see clearly and we have recognised that the scriptures teach us that without vision the people perish (Proverbs 29 v 18)

Once we have completed our work we will commend our findings to church for their prayerful consideration and comment over the remaining months of the year.

We will then produce a Strategic Plan for 2015-2017 which I will preach on and share with you at the AGM 2015.This will be an outline of our priorities for mission and ministry over the next few years.

Please do pray for the members of the Church Council as we work through this process of discernment that the Holy Spirit might direct us clearly onto the path that we should travel as the body of Christ, here in Dorrigo.


Many Blessings in Christ.