Confirmations Are Coming!

We are very much  looking forward to Welcoming Bishop Sarah  on Sunday 29th November at 10am (note the time folks!) for a very special service ofConfirmations on Advent Sunday.

It is wonderful that so far we have nine candidates from amongst our teenagers and this is a credit to their commitment and their mature attitude to the faith.

Our classes get underway next week when a new term begins and we are having an afterschool class on a Tuesday from 3.30pm till 4.45pm at The rectory but also a Saturday morning group at 9am for those who go to school down the coast and can’t make it on a Tuesday afternoon.

We will be using a course which is called START which aims to help us discover Christianity in six small-group sessions.  The six sessions cover the following topics:-

Life is for living     Oh My God!          Jesus Who?

What’s gone wrong?        Dying to Save us?   

Into the arms of love

The course is DVD based with lots of opportunity for questions, fun and discussion.

Confirmation is an important part of the Christian journey as we confirm the promises made at our baptism, become fuller members of the church and receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.

It is also a time when the bishop lays her hands on us and the Holy Spirit is often present and active in a very special way.

I hope you will keep the teenagers in your prayers and come in force to support them on Sunday 29th November at 10am!!!

Blessings in Jesus