Oh When the Saints!!!

 Dear Friend/Parent

We have designed our family service especially for YOU!


Families andChildren who are maybe new to church and want to worship in an informal and relaxed way.


This month we are remembering a very special day in the life of the church which we celebrate on the 1st November – All Saints Day

But what does it mean to be a saint?

And do I need to have a halo like the pictures did in the past or is there something more involved in being saint-like?


Do come along and join in the fun as we enjoy our guitar duo!! Gwenneth and Vivian leading our music, and as we have a good natter as always over morning tea afterwards in the Hall.

You are all invited!

Blessings in Jesus



What do we do at family Service?


We celebrate birthdays!

We share good news

We sing great songs

We listen to the bible

We have an activity

We pray

We listen to this time tomorrow with someone who works

We enjoy good company and

Great morning tea!


We are all part of Jesus family

So come and join us!

Rev Mike, 02-66572015