Vision and Values – An Update

Our Church Council have been working very hard over the last few months as we have gone through a process of discernment to think about some very fundamental questions:-

What is our identity as a church, in other words, Who are we?

What are our values as church, in other words, What do we think is important?

What is a good way of encapsulating our vision as a church in a sentence – in other words formulating a Vision Statement for our Church.

After a good deal of prayer and discussion and debate we have settled on the following which we now commend to the congregation for your prayerful consideration and comment over the next three months.


A Rural Church in the Anglican tradition, part of the Diocese of Grafton.

A Community Church with a diversity of people under the Lordship of Christ.


Growing our church by reaching out and sharing the good news of Jesus.

Bringing God’s glory through a variety of worship styles.

Growing in our relationship with God through Prayer, Bible Study and Fellowship.

Being generous and Good Stewards.


St Stephen’s Dorrigo:- Sharing God’s Love through Prayer and Action Everyday.


We would really encourage you to speak to your parish councillors and give us your feedback and comments – there is also a box at the back of church for you to let us have written feedback aswell. It is important that we all as church, can take ownership and feel comfortable with our vision and values.

Blessings in Jesus   Mike